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polished wedding ringsSmall scratches are completely normal

Each manufacturer chooses to use one alloy or another, taking into account the hardness, color, and final price they want to achieve for their rings. The surface marks that appear on your rings are a reflection of your everyday life.

Polished surfaces hide scratches better than brushed ones.

Not all alloys used to make rings have the same hardness, but creating an ordered list is not easy, beyond saying that the softest ones are silver and 9-karat gold, and the hardest ones are platinum, tantalum, white gold, zirconium, and some types of steel.

The scratches on the surface of two rings made of the same metal, after a period of use, even if they are the same, can appear different to the naked eye. Thus, scratches on a silky matte finish will be more visible and easily noticeable than on a polished finish or a very rough finish.

textured rings

If you want the scratches to be as inconspicuous as possible, you should choose a polished surface where the shine hides the scratch from our eyes, a surface with a pattern, or a very rough one that disguises it.

In any case, we recommend reading our advice and, due to their low cost, having the rings restored periodically.

textured and matt wedding pair of rings

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