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wedding ringsWedding rings are not expensive

Their purchase represents a significant expense, so it's ideal to have all the possible information so that you have no doubts other than which ones you like more.

The price of your wedding rings, while important, should not be decisive.

Your wedding rings will accompany you for many years, so it's worth dedicating time and attention to their purchase. In the years to come, they will be, along with memories, the only thing that will endure from that day. Therefore, we give you advice, don't look for wedding rings where the cheapest price is the only criterion. All the other choices you make for the wedding day will be only for that day. Choose, above all else, the wedding rings that you like the most, so you are convinced with the purchase.

It is very difficult to indicate a specific price as there are many possibilities. In our store, you can see models ranging from less than €100 to over €5000.

Some couples choose to pay for their wedding rings little by little and buy higher quality ones. Don't hesitate to discuss it if that's your case.

wedding rings

Gold or platinum rings are the most common. Generally, the woman's ring features one or several diamonds, and it's relatively common for the man's ring to have a small diamond on the inner part. The inclusion of a diamond will have little impact on the budget and will be a beautiful detail.

Years ago, they were always plain yellow gold, but nowadays there is a variety of colors and many models with geometric lines, inner and outer engravings, or surface textures. The finish does not significantly affect the price of the wedding rings in most cases.

In recent years, wedding rings made of steel, titanium, carbon fiber, tantalum, zirconium, etc., have appeared. They are popular because they are beautiful and much more affordable than their equivalent in gold or platinum. One downside is that in most cases, resizing them in the future may not be possible. Another noble metal used recently is palladium, which has a color similar to platinum and can also be modified whenever necessary.

On both our website and in our physical store -dedicated exclusively to engagement rings and wedding bands- we show you a wide range of models made of gold, platinum, carbon, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, etc.

Discover our models, featuring prices and key characteristics

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