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fair trade goldResponsible and Fairtrade gold

Nowadays, you can have beautiful wedding rings made of sustainable gold or Fairtrade gold. Is there anything more beautiful than spreading happiness in such a fair way?

Fair Trade gold is the only gold certified for being sold as fair trade.

What is ethical and sustainable jewelry?

It is jewelry that is mindful of the environment, protects biodiversity and ecosystems, and ensures humane and fair working conditions for those involved in the industry. Additionally, it responsibly works under ethical standards, creating jewelry from fairtrade gold or recycled gold from pre-existing pieces. Fairtrade gold is extracted from artisanal mines using manual methods, by family groups or cooperatives, and is certified by Fairtrade Gold to be sold at fair trade prices.

What does Faitrade gold mean?

Fairtrade is an organization and an ethical certification mark that applies to various handcrafted products that meet a series of conditions throughout the entire production and supply chain, allowing:

  • Paying producers the real value of the product (minimum fair trade price). This price is supplemented with a Fairtrade premium, an additional margin for producers to invest in social, community, health, and business development projects.
  • Prohibition of child labor.
  • Dignified working conditions.
  • Pre-financing.
  • Direct and long-lasting trade relationships.
  • Full compliance with environmental standards.

What is Fairtrade Gold?

Fairtrade Gold is the first independent ethical certification system for gold worldwide, launched in 2011.

  • It supports and helps meet international standards for responsible gold mining.
  • It ensures that mines are organized, have the right to operate, and can be inspected to verify compliance with these standards.
  • It certifies that mining groups receive training in occupational safety, health, laws, and business.
  • Fairtrade certified gold is the same gold we know, of the same quality, but it complies with fairtrade standards and is fully traceable. It has been extracted, processed, and marketed in accordance with fair trade standards for precious metals. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Peru have certified Fairtrade gold mines.
  • These mines are a significant source of employment, as nearly 100 million people depend on this activity (estimated to reach 150-170 million in the near future), representing 15% of global gold production (about 250 tons) and 90% of the workforce in the gold mining industry.

Why buy Fairtrade gold jewelry?

When you purchase wedding rings made with sustainable Fairtrade gold, you are socially helping less privileged communities, making the miners who have extracted it and their families a little happier. Jewelry made this way always carries the Fairtrade guarantee engraved on the inside.

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Both on our website and in our physical store -dedicated exclusively to engagement rings and wedding rings- we can offer you models made with sustainable Fairtrade Gold.

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