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tantalum wedding ringsA new material for a new style of wedding rings

A tantalum ring is harder, darker gray, and much heavier than a similar titanium ring.

Tantalum is a relatively new metal, discovered in 1802, and is one of the rarest in our solar system. It was initially used in medical implants for being 100% hypoallergenic, and only in recent years has it been used in jewelry. It has a beautiful anthracite gray color with a bluish tone.

For couples seeking durable rings made with uncommon materials, our collection of tantalum wedding rings will leave them impressed.

The tantalum used in the production of these rings is not an alloy or a coating but pure metal. It does not oxidize or discolor. Its dark color will remain over time and combines extraordinarily well with diamonds or other materials like gold.

tantalum wedding group of ringsIts extremely high melting point of 3000°C, its density, and its hardness make it difficult to work with, but these same qualities make it one of the most scratch-resistant metals, making it an ideal material for wedding rings that are subjected to daily use.

Let's compare tantalum with other "new" materials like titanium and carbon:

  • Tantalum is harder -more resistant to scratches- has a darker gray color, and is three times heavier than titanium. In tantalum rings, it is possible to resize them by one or two sizes.
  • Carbon - which is not a metal - is ten times lighter than tantalum, lighter than titanium, and is black in color.
  • All three materials are very comfortable to wear due to their good thermal conductivity, which allows them to adapt to the wearer's body temperature instantly.

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Both on our website and in our physical store - exclusively dedicated to engagement rings and wedding rings - we have models made with tantalum.

Discover our models, featuring prices and key characteristics

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