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when to propose

Asking for marriage is not trivial, and knowing when the right time has come to do it is crucial.

Such a decision needs to be pondered upon and reached the conviction that it is a good time to do so. If you pay attention, you will see that there are a series of signs to know if the time has come.

There comes a point in a couple's relationship where love is thriving, and one of the two, most often the man but not always, decides to ask their partner's hand in marriage to take a step forward and formalize their relationship.

Asking yourself questions and honestly evaluating the answers will help you determine if it's the moment to take the plunge and propose:

How is your relationship? At what stage is it? Don't confuse it with the time you've been together but rather with whether your relationship is mature and you're prepared to take this step. While some couples move forward quickly, feeling ready and eager to make this decision in less than a year, others prefer to wait longer.

Do you know each other fully? Have you seen each other in all kinds of life situations? Periods of joy and happiness are easily handled and come naturally, but you should feel that your partner also supports you in moments of weakness, be it due to work problems, unachieved goals, or disagreements and distances with a friend or family member. Feeling that your partner listens to you, cares for you, advises you, or intuits that something is bothering you just by looking at you shows that they know you well and love you. At the same time, you need to analyze what happens between you when a discussion arises, from the most trivial to the more serious ones. It's possible that both of you have strong personalities and are unwilling to back down, and your love also involves discussing what happens in these situations. Trust is a fundamental pillar in a relationship. You should be able to share and talk about everything, without ceasing to be yourself and without trying to pretend to "please" the other person more.

when to propose

How does your family and friends view your relationship? Around you, there is an environment made up of the people who love you the most. It's possible that your beliefs and opinions are similar to those of the people in this environment, but it's not always the case nor necessarily should it be. Often, love for the other person doesn't allow us to see and think clearly, and listening to our immediate surroundings can offer an external perspective on our relationship. What do they say about your partner? Your family and friends will always want the best for you, so listen to them. If one of them doesn't like your partner, it's not important, but if the majority of them think that person is not right for you, then it's probably best for you to try to find the love of your life elsewhere... Equally important is dedicating time to your partner's family and friends so that you can get to know and appreciate them, so that you feel just as comfortable with their family and friends as you do with yours.

Will the preparation for your wedding affect your finances and profession? You need to be aware of the economic and professional situation of both parties. If one of you is still studying, has job insecurity, or is working hard to pay off a loan as soon as possible, perhaps it's not the best time to consider getting married. If you want to demonstrate your love and commitment to each other, you can still make the promise, but mutually agree to postpone the wedding celebration for later.

Are you paying attention to your partner's comments? When the point is reached where one of you is considering buying a ring and proposing to the other, it's also the point where the other person is waiting and wishing for that moment to come. Pay attention if you hear comments like "how beautiful those engagement rings are when passing by a jewelry store," "how fantastic it would be to go on a honeymoon trip to Kenya," or that "on the wedding day, they would like to go in a horse-drawn carriage"... Has it happened to you? What was your reaction? Perhaps you preferred to change the subject or maybe you imagined how your wedding day would be... If it's the second option, don't wait too long to propose.

We hope that this short post has helped you assess the situation, and we look forward to helping you choose the perfect engagement ring for an unforgettable marriage proposal. We have another post that provides guidance on choosing the most suitable date.

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