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petició matrimoniWhen is the best time to make a marriage proposal?

Is it in the spring? Taking advantage of a special date for the couple? A holiday? During the day or night of New Year's Eve??

Those of us who believe in love know that it is present 365 days a year, whether being caressed by it on a warm summer night, taking a walk through the forest enjoying the beautiful colors of autumn, lying on a couch under a blanket on a winter day, or witnessing the explosion of flowers in spring.

Around 40% of marriage proposals occur between Christmas and Valentine's Day, or Saint George's Day in some places. There are people who love to share this moment with their family, which makes these festive days a good time to share the news during family gatherings.

Over the years, we have encountered clients who preferred to do it on a significant date for the couple, such as an anniversary or the anniversary of the day they met. Others chose a random date to achieve a surprise effect. Some sought a date because they liked how it sounded or how it looked when written, such as 22.11.22, where the date reads the same forward and backward.

petició matrimoni

Finally, sometimes the schedules of studies, work, family duties, social life, and other factors leave no specific dates available for the proposal, and it has to be decided somewhat "on the go." This was the situation of the person who bought the ring from us to deliver it on an upcoming but still undetermined day. And it was no less romantic, as they later explained to us!

Our recommendation? Do it when you feel your heart is asking for it. There is no more correct moment than any other to tell your partner "I love you," ask them "Will you marry me?" and then slide the ring onto their finger...

We hope this little post has helped you find the best time to take this step, and we look forward to helping you choose the perfect engagement ring for an unforgettable marriage proposal.

In our previous post, we provided some guidelines to know if, beyond seeking a specific day, it is time to make the marriage proposal, and we have another post explaining the origin of the tradition of "getting down" on one knee when making a proposal, you might like it.

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