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woman proposes to man

Go for it, don't hesitate, go get him and capture the moment!

In the 21st century, there are no societal rules that hold true. Women can propose to a man, just as it is more common for it to happen the other way around.

The Irish tradition established by Saint Patrick in the 5th century stated that women could propose marriage to men only on February 29th, that is, in leap years. But if Sandra Bullock proposed to Ryan Reynolds in 2009 in the movie "The Proposal," who will limit your ability to ask for his hand any day now?

If you have already read our post on when to propose and feel that it's the right time in your relationship to do so, why wait for him to propose to you?

A marriage proposal can range from the most traditional to the most extravagant, a romantic or adventurous proposal, heterosexual or same-sex, and of course, women proposing to their boyfriends. However, even if you're "crazy in love," there are some aspects you might consider before asking for his hand.

If he has grown up in a family with traditional values, he may believe that he should be the one to propose, and he might feel a little overwhelmed if you decide to take the step. If you have been together for a while and feel ready to take the leap into marriage, consider if he might also be thinking about proposing to you soon. Subtly, tell him that you are happy with him and ask him how he sees your relationship. If his attitude becomes nervous, you might want to wait a little to see what happens. It's not that your proposal is any less special, but if he is planning something, it would be a shame to break the magic of that moment. Even if you are convinced that something is going on and you are prepared to react, a double marriage proposal can be doubly unforgettable.

If you are certain, let's explore different articles to give him as a gift and how to ask him to marry you:

The first idea for a gift would be a ring. Why not? If your boyfriend is not averse to wearing a ring, this is undoubtedly the number one option. However, it should be a ring style that doesn't resemble a wedding band too much, as that will come soon enough. :)

woman proposes to man

Many girls opt for a watch, a perfect option considering that there are choices for every budget and it is an everyday item, so he will always have it with him. You can engrave the date and your name on the back, making it even more personal. If he doesn't wear a watch either, another option is cufflinks. They are very elegant, masculine pieces that he will already have to use whenever he wants, and like watches, there are options for every budget.

Another big question is: Should I kneel down? In one of our posts, we explain the origin of the gesture of getting down on one knee to propose, and whether or not you should do it, only you can decide. It is a traditional gesture, but not including it does not make the proposal any less romantic.

Prepare yourself for praise and criticism from others, as we live in a world where everyone likes to give their opinion. From us, we can only say: Go for it, don't hesitate, go get him and capture the moment!

Finally, many girls like to discuss and share their plans and experiences with those around them, so remember that if it has to be a surprise, you have to keep it a secret to ensure the element of surprise.

We hope this short post has helped you overcome any fear you may have had about asking your boyfriend to marry you, and that soon we can help you choose a special engagement ring for him, ideal for an unforgettable marriage proposal. We have another post that gives you guidelines on when the right time comes to take the step.

carbon rings for men

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