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wedding fair

What can you find in them that is useful for your wedding?

Certainly, on some occasion, you've probably seen, without paying much attention, advertisements or posters for a wedding fair. We'll explain what you'll find if you go.

Our company exhibits at fairs, and it's a perfect opportunity to get to know us and see that there are plenty of possibilities for models of wedding rings, beyond the classics that everyone knows.

All couples are going to celebrate their marriage with family and friends, and you want everything to be exceptional on your day. To achieve this, finding the best suppliers is vital.

Finding the right dress, photographer, event planner, specialist in wedding bands, a place to celebrate the wedding, travel, pastry, etc., everything will be easier if you have a broad view of the available offerings and the latest trends.

You can look for inspiration on the internet, in local shops in your area - both on our Nupcialix website and in our physical store, Aliances Barcelona, we will be happy to assist you - or you can go to a "Wedding Fair."

Wedding fairs are usually very interesting events for couples planning their wedding. With free admission through prior registration or with a symbolic entrance fee, they are decorated to make your visit more attractive and are a source of inspiration and solutions that will help you visualize how your special day can be.

There, you will meet expert professionals who will show you the latest trends in bridal fashion, the most creative ideas for decoration, and wedding-related services they offer. You will see and touch dresses, see different styles of decoration and floral arrangements, etc.

Our company, Nupcialix - Aliances Barcelona, usually exhibits on fairs, and it's a perfect opportunity to get to know us and see that there are many possibilities for your wedding rings, beyond the classics that everyone "has in mind."

wedding fair

Many suppliers offer discounts or exclusive special promotions for fair attendees, an excellent opportunity to attend and save on some aspects of your wedding.

Some wedding fairs also include fashion shows, musical performances, dance groups, food trucks, informative talks with planning advice, etiquette protocols, beauty tips, etc...

It's an excellent opportunity to meet other couples in the same planning stage and share experiences and ideas, establish valuable contacts, and who knows, make new friends.

You will leave the fair with a bag full of contacts, informative brochures, and a long list of valuable ideas for celebrating the wedding of your dreams. In the case of wedding bands, using our configurators, you can create the personalized design of your wedding rings from the comfort of your home and then come to our store, or contact us via WhatsApp to see what the result will be like or resolve any questions.

In summary, it's an exciting and useful event for any couple planning their wedding. It will provide you with an enriching experience and will surely help you.

Both on our website and in our physical store -dedicated exclusively to engagement jewelry and wedding bands- we showcase a wide range of models crafted from gold, platinum, carbon, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, and more.

Discover our models, featuring prices and key characteristics

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